Committed to Road Safety.

Our mission is to protect your life per every mile driven, every journey worths safety.

“Multiseñal over 35 years committed to road safety .”

"Reduce accidents and increase road safety"

Multiseñal has over 500 road products and solutions.

“Don’t worry about traffic safety ever again, our innovative road signs creates safer and more efficient highways.”

Solar Powered Signs

Perfect for drivers to visualize highway signs whether it’s cloudy, rainy or dark.  

3D Speed Humps

Creates a visual effect for drivers to reduce vehicle’s speed.

Guide Signs

Excellent to situate streets, point out and light highways.  

Road Beaconing

Our bollards, flexible and non-flexible delineator posts point a dedicated lane. 

Impact Attenuators

Protects driver and vehicle of road incidents, diversions or tool booths. 

Road Safety

Our road safety approach involves several products in terms of road traffic.

Protects and indicates constructions, road works, curves, et al. 


We have several unique products to protect and steer the bikeways.

Road beaconing marks dedicated lanes and safeguards cyclists of a traffic accident.

Road Signal

The several signs we have, help to identify roadblocks.

We currently make over our plastic signage to increase durability and preserve lives.