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Stopper parking

The Stopper Parking, parking stops or stoppers are devices used to control the speed of vehicles and improve security in parking lot areas. These help to reduce the speed of vehicles, protect pedestrians, prevent the inadequate parking and control traffic.

What are Parking Stops?

Parking stops, stoppers or stopper parking are road safety devices, used to regulate the speed of vehicles in parking lots. These are designed to avoid vehicles impact or crash against vehicles, objects or people.

The purposes of parking stops or stopper parking are:

  • Decrease the speed of vehicles in parking lots, preventing accidents and damage to vehicles.
  • Delimit parking lot areas, maintaining vehicles on their place and avoid crash or impact among them.
  • Protect people and objects; helping to protect people and objects of damages caused by vehicles.

The installation of parking stops or stopper parking depends on the type of chosen stop.
Our parking stops are easily installed with epoxy glue, boreholes and steel anchors.

The installation of Parking Stops is suggested in:

  • Public and private parking lots.
  • Malls, hospitals and other public buildings.
  • Squares and parks.
  • Lanes for pedestrian circulation.

Our Parking Stops are made of resistant and eco-friendly materials, for example:

  • Medium Density Polyethylene
  • Rubber

These offer UV protection, flexibility, durability and protect vehicles from dents or punctures.

The height of our parking stops is designed carefully to protect effectively the vehicles with low bumpers, avoiding possible damages when parking.

Yes, our parking stops offer UV protection, resistance to humidity, oil and climate variations, ensuring an optimal performance in different environments.  

The parking stops have a front stripe that can be painted in traffic yellow or integrate prismatic grade reflective tape in yellow or blue for greater visibility.

Our rubber parking stops offer an advertising space of 17.7 x 2.3 in to customize messages.

Yes, they can. Parking stops are ideal for both environments, providing an effective solution to guarantee the security of vehicles in any parking lot situation.