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Pavement markers

Pavement markers, also known as road studs or cat eyes are reflector or luminous devices that thanks to their high retro-reflection indicate to drivers the highway’s lanes.

What are Pavement Markers and How they work?

Pavement Markers or Road Studs are reflective devices that help to mark lanes and guide drivers.
These devices work through retroreflection, in other words, these are designed to reflect light from vehicles, increasing visibility.

Road Studs or Pavement Markers are usually installed in pavement of highways and high-speed tracks.

First you must prepare the surface (has to be dry and clean), then, on the back of the Road Stud apply 100gr (or 3.5 oz) of epoxy glue, finally place and press down the item against the pavement and let it dry for approximately 2 hours.

Yes, they can. Thanks to their materials our Pavement Markers withstand friction, abrasion, shocks, impacts, adverse weather conditions, and inclemency.

Thanks to their high resistance materials, our Pavement Markers don’t require maintenance.

Yes, we offer a great range of Road Studs or Pavement Markers with LED lights for better night visibility. Our items have solar panels and rechargeable batteries that with only 7 hours of charge can work for 36 hours.


No, they can’t due to their smooth body without bumps or cutting edges to avoid the damage of the car.


The warranty period for all our products is 1 year. But, thanks to our top materials our Road Studs or Pavement Markers withstand all vehicle’s type without cracking or losing shape, resistant to inclemency, as wear and tear, friction, weight, humidity and rain.

Yes, they can be set along the grass but for a better performance is suggested to affix them to pavement.

No, it isn’t. It is possible only to choose the color of your Road Studs or Pavement Markers, the available colors are white, amber, red, green or blue. The available colors for light Road Studs or Pavement Markers are white or amber, and for those with spheres and prisms are white, amber or red color.

Yes, Pavement Markers or Road Studs can be used in residential and commercial facilities.