Pavement marker

Nombre: Paleta REX-30

Código: REX-30


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Pavement Marker

This pavement marker or Vertical Panel – Rex is a 100% flexible design with a base created to adhere to the floor.

An essential tool to persuade drivers about the presence of obstacles and effective signaling to avoid the trespassing of limits in different areas.

Mainly used for locations such as parking lots and detours, preventing from vehicles being placed in forks or enter in danger zones. Everything to make sure of a safe road.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured in black Poliflexy®, avoiding cars of being damaged and ensuring a friendly device-driver interaction.
  • ABS black base contributing to panel’s stability, with a high relief shape, indicating the traffic flow.
  • Three orange prismatic reflective decor the front side of the panel for optimal nighttime visibility and low-light conditions.
  • Withstands vehicle impact, this device proves its durability and effectiveness in heavy traffic situations.
  • Weather and UV resistant, with an integrated metalized methacrylate reflective in orange, red, amber or white.
  • We suggest to be collocated in high risk areas, forks, highways, the panel is considered an important tool in road safety matters.


  • Length: 5.0 in.
  • Width: 4.9 in.
  • Height: 10.6 in.
  • Body:  Orange. Base:  Black.
  • Reflective: White or Amber.


These pavement markers with base that can be adhere to floor are essential for traffic security, preventing obstacles and offering a high performance signaling against invaded spaces.

By exploring our options you will discover our line of  Road Studs.

Small but powerful devices to complement with your vertical panel.


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