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Plastic Outdoor Bench

Urban furniture is ideal for urban public spaces, such as streets, squares and parks, to provide comfort, functionality and aesthetic to residents and visitors of the city, we have a wide range of urban benches.

What is Street Furniture?

Street Furniture is called to the set of elements that are installed in public spaces to improve their functionality and aesthetic. Includes a group of products, such as benches, bins, lamps, fences and signals.

In order to find the right Street Furniture, you must keep in mind:

The usage: if are for public usage, you must select resistant and durable furniture.

The location: if is going to be at outdoors, you must select a furniture made with resistant materials to atmospheric elements.

The design: urban furniture must be aesthetically pleasant according to the environment where it will be installed.

The importance of all these products or furniture satisfies different needs, and consists in a contribution for better life quality.

The maintenance of Street Furniture is important in order to guarantee an optimal state and extend its lifespan. The necessary maintenance type is different depending on the material the product was made with.

In general, it is recommended to regularly clean Street Furniture to remove dirt and waste, it is also suggested to regularly check the condition of the furniture to detect possible damages and perform the necessary repairs.

The urban benches we offer are designed for comfort, functionality and urban aesthetic, we select robust materials that are vandal-resistant when necessary, and our designs guarantee a harmonic integration in urban environments.

Yes, it is. For some of our benches is possible to customize the seat and backrest with 12gauge stainless steel, allowing openwork designs and logos through laser cutting.

It may vary according to its mobility, stability or temporality, and according to its purpose, this is divided in categories, such as rest, communication, information, physiological needs, commerce, safety, health, hygiene, service and gardening.

Los bancos urbanos que ofrecemos están diseñados pensando en la comodidad, la funcionalidad y la estética urbana. Seleccionamos materiales robustos, con resistencia al vandalismo cuando es necesario, y garantizamos diseños que se integran armoniosamente en entornos urbanos.

Street Furniture is installed to floor with 3/8” x 5.9 in “Ultrafix” bolts and 3/4” x 5.5 in polypropylene “Extralarge” rawl plugs, providing stability.

Whilst rest back, seat and brackets are assembled with nuts and car head screws.

The outdoor benches offer the ability of an inner lighting, Bluetooth connection for audio and charge ports for mobile phones.