Plastic Benches

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Plastic Benches

In urban environments, such as archaeological sites, schools and bus stations, these benches made of recycled plastic offer an aesthetically charming design.

The combination of the structural supports of recycled polyethylene cast iron appearance, with seats and wood backs, creates comfortable, functional and robust benches.

Perfectly integrated in any environment, efficiently resisting to different climates without any constant maintenance.

Key Features:

  • Versatile Design:Wooden planks and plasti-wood profiles that provide a nice design to create seats and backrests with an elegant finish.
  • Integral Resistance: Ideal to use in outdoors and indoors, these benches of 5.9 ft and a length of 9.8 ft, are assembly with three structural supports that enables the manufacturing of longer length benches when incorporating more structural supports.
  • Custom Options: The seat and backrest can be manufactured with 12-gauge steel sheet, that allows the incorporation of designs or logos by laser cutting.
Comfort and Durability:

This bench is distinguished for its comfortable, functional and resistant design, ideal for open-air environments. The used materials and finish ensure a long-life-span that stand out:

  • Sustainable Material: Structural supports of medium density polyethylene, 100% recycled, with UV-protection.
  • Robust assembling: This solid bench is successfully created by the use of numerous 3/8” x 2½” galvanized screws car head with nuts, flat washers and lock washers.
  • Steady Anchoring: It is recommended the use of 3/4” x 5.5 in polypropylene reinforced “Extralarge” wall plugs and “Ultrafix” screws with 3/8” x 5.9 in hexagonal head for a safer fastening to the ground.
Essential Urban Element:

Recycled plastic benches are essential on waiting areas and urban rest, such as bus stations and schools that offer long-lasting and sustainable solutions for community.

Its sustainable design and resistant is considered as an ideal choice for urban communities that pursue durability and style.


  • Length 5.9 ft and 9.8 ft
  • Width 23.2 in
  • Height 29.9 in


Experience durability and comfort with any model of Multiseñal, such as the Curved outdoor Bench or Wood Benches, just the best to improve urban environment.


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