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Directional Signs

The Directional Signs or Street Signs facilitate the location and direction of a city, allowing residents, emergency services and visitors to easily identify specific places. Our Directional Signs can include names, postal codes and other elements that contribute to the organization and orientation.   

What’s a Directional Sign?

A Directional Sign is an identification system of streets, avenues, boulevards, and other road sections of the city. It is used to facilitate the location of places and the organization of traffic and pedestrians.

The purposes of Directional Sign are:

  • Facilitate the location of places.
  • Organize the vehicle and pedestrian transit.
  • Develop the uniformity and coherence of the public road identification.

In Mexico, the responsibility for adding directional sign depends on the local authority. In the case of Mexico City, the responsibility depends on the Secretariat of Mobility.

Our Directional Signs are resistant to corrosion, have UV protection, withstands adverse climate conditions and temperature changes that guarantee exceptional performance in any environment.

The key features for an effective Directional Sign are… resistant material as the RCB polymer, the modern and versatile design, resistant to vandal acts, easy to label, durability and adaptability to different signaling types.

Yes, for security reasons can include QR codes with information about locations, road type, demarcation, direction of traffic, street and avenue numbering the 24 hours of the day.

Yes, our Directional Signs are 100% recyclable; in addition to the LED lights, the solar panels contribute to environmental care.

The versatility of the Directional Signs stands out through the option of message imprint via digitally or screen printing, in addition to the possibility of incorporating reflective material. This approach provides flexibility to adapt to different needs, allowing the addition of publicity, logos and flagships of an ample space, maximizing the usefulness as an informative and promotional tool.

The essential elements of Directional Signs are street name and number, QR codes, can include lighting to improve visibility and other indicators that facilitate the recognition and location.