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Round Road Markers

Round Road Markers are used to aggressively reduce speed of vehicles, can be used in toll booths, or channelizing curves and lanes in forks.

What is the purpose of Round Road Markers?

The purpose of Round Road Markers is to delimit lanes, demarcate and reduce speed in highway zones and highspeed tracks.

Multiseñal has Round Road Markers made with polyethylene, ABS, PVC metal, stainless steel, plastic and aluminum.

First you must prepare the surface (has to be dry and clean), then, set the spike nails on their place, on the back of the Road Stud apply epoxy glue if desired.

Yes, the materials are made with, guarantee an excellent performance even in extreme temperatures and these devices have UV protection. Ideal for heavy traffic.

Round Road Markers do not require any special maintenance if their installation was correctly performed.

Yes, in Multiseñal we offer Round Road Markers with polycarbonate sphere lighted and powered by LEDs and 32 high reflection spheres that improve visibility.

Yes, Round Road Markers are used in both rural and urban environments. Their versatility and ability to improve road safety makes of these devices the ideal choice in different contexts.

No, it isn’t. It is possible only to choose the reflective color, such as red, white or amber.

Yes, Round Road Markers are versatile devices that can be installed in different pavement types, such as asphalt and concrete. Its design allows an efficient adapting to various surfaces.

The main difference consists in its light reflection ability. Reflective Round Road Markers have elements that reflect vehicle’s light, improving visibility in low-light conditions.