Yellow Road Marker

Nombre: Boya I-55

Código: I-55


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Yellow Road Marker

The Yellow Road Marker is an essential device in horizontal signaling, standing out as a fundamental element for traffic management in urban roads and highways.

Their usage covers from zone delimitation to traffic flow separation to improve safety in critical places, such as bridges, tunnels, slopes and curves.

The key features of these Markers are the versatility and significant contribution that offer to road safety.

  • Traffic Optimization: Similar to the Round Road Marker, these Yellow Road Markers stands as highly efficient devices to optimize transit, and function as speed bumps, stops or zone delimiters.
  • Adaptability to Different Pavements: Stand out for their versatility to be easily adapted to any pavement type, facilitating their installation through four holes on every edge.
  • Vehicular Separation: Delineated to channelize vehicles, these Yellow Road Markers are ideal to delineate pedestrian refuge island, exclusive lanes, junctions, roundabouts and bikeways.
  • High Visibility and Safety:  With a great visibility, the Yellow Road Markers effectively replace regular paint, providing safety to drivers and pedestrians. In addition, their construction without sharp edges and borders avoids damage to users.
  • Resistance and Durability: Manufactured to resist heavy traffic, these Yellow Road Markers are non-deformable to shocks and impacts, standing out as functional and groundbreaking road elements.
  • High Intensity Reflective: High intensity reflective in both sides, reaching a clear and visible signaling in low-light conditions.
  • Low Friction and Damage Resistance: With low friction to tires that improves traffic flow and guarantees durability thanks to their damage resistance.


  • Width: 6.4 in
  • Height: 2.1 in
  • Reflective: white or amber


In conclusion, the Yellow Road Markers arises as essential elements in traffic security, standing out for their adaptability, visibility, resistance and road versatility.


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