Warning Traffic Road

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Warning Traffic Road

The Warning Traffic Road represents an essential device in traffic management and road safety.

This ingenious horizontal signaling display its features in different environments, from urban roads to highways, acting as speed bumps, stops or zone delimiters.

Its usage consists in optimize vehicle’s flow and develop safety in potentially dangerous areas, such as bridges, tunnels, slopes and curves.

The device known as “Multi-Sphere Buoy or Road Stud” stands out for its ability to efficiently guide traffic, guaranteeing safety in critical situations.

When implementing the use of these devices, it is accomplished a significant improvement in transit organization, offering drivers a clearer and safer guidance.

Key Features of the Warning Traffic Road:
  • Non-deformable Body: Its manufacture in ABS ensures an exceptional performance in resistance and stretching, even in extreme climate conditions, thanks to its UV protection.
  • Ideal for Heavy Traffic: This is designed to withstand high requested conditions, guaranteeing its efficiency in heavy traffic scenarios.
  • Design to delimit and channelize vehicles: Offers low friction to tires, facilitating its circulation and minimizing its abrasion.
  • Easy to Install: With four integrated boreholes, its placement is quick and efficient, ensuring an easy and effective implementation.
  • High Visibility at Day and Night: Equipped with 32 high reflection spheres made of metal polycarbonate, these Warning Traffic Road Studs enhance an optimal visibility during day or night.
  • Adaptability in Different Pavements: Its versatility is considered as the ability to adapt to any road surface, ensuring an effective application in many environments.


These Yellow Road Markers guide vehicle’s flow and provide security in potentially dangerous areas, demonstrating that are fundamental elements in road infrastructure, and significantly contributing to accident prevention and general improvement of safety in highways and urban streets.


  • Length: 7.6 in
  • Width: 7.6 in
  • Height: 2.7 in
  • Diameter: 7.2 in
  • Reflective spheres: white, amber or red


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