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Protected Bike Lane

The Protected Bike Lanes, Lane Separators or Channelizers are used to guide and separate traffic of different vehicle types or users, these are ideal to channelize exclusive lanes for cyclists and are usually marked and separated of motor vehicles, providing a safe space for cyclists.

What’s a Protected Bike Lane, Lane Separator or Channelizer?

The Protected Bike Lane, Lane Separator or Channelizer is considered a road signage element to guide and direct traffic flow. These are designed to guide drivers by a specific route or to warn them about a danger or change on the road.

Direct traffic safely, dividing lanes or guiding in temporary detours.

The applications of this device are usually used in temporary road works, contraflows, exclusive lanes as bikeways and to protect areas. 

Protected Bike Lane provide a series of benefits in road safety, some of them:

  • Improve road visibility
  • Guide and direct vehicle transit
  • Reduce risk of accidents

The shelf life depends on the usage and environmental conditions, but the high-quality Protected Bike Lane as the Poliflexy Vertical Panel are durable thanks to their resistant material.

Their easy installation consists in use 2 anchors; for better fastening can be affix with epoxy resin. It doesn’t require complicated tools, facilitating its implementation in different road environments.

A Protected Bike Lane is usually manufactured with durable and resistant materials to withstand weather conditions and traffic.  

At Multiseñal, this device is manufactured in medium and high density polyethylene that provide flexibility and resistance.