Traffic Lane Dividers

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Traffic Lane Dividers

Introducing the Traffic Lane Dividers, outstanding devices to reduce speed, designed to install in any street or avenue.

In crowded areas where pedestrians and cyclist cross frequently, it is required security, making of these devices an ideal solution.

With a precise engineering, each component maintains their original color, needing a minimum maintenance.


Key Features:
  1. Versatility and functionality: The lane separators are highly functional in crowded areas, guaranteeing pedestrian and cyclist’s safety; their adaptability to different floor types, create the perfect choice for different locations.
  2. Durability and resistance to impacts: Designed for the durability of the separators, which are non-deformable and resistant to strong impacts. The robust construction of the device ensures a long shelf life, providing a reliable solution for traffic management.
  3. Resilient devices: Designed to withstand diverse climate conditions, these devices resist all kind of weathers and protection against UV-rays. Their advanced round design avoids cutting edges or metal parts that may be a danger or risk for people and properties.
  4. Safe join system: The Traffic Lane Dividers have a robust join system of male-female assembly, ensuring a safe and stable connection among components. This design improves strength and general efficacy of the device.
  5. Modular Structure: The modular structure of the lane separators allows to skid over the structure, according specific needs. These products can be customized easily, adding or removing modules, with the unique limitation of being the number of available pieces.
  6. Easy installation: The installation of the Traffic Lane Dividers is easy to their design, each module has anchors to ensure a stable floor fastening, guaranteeing stability in any location.

Solar System: For an improved visibility, the Traffic Lane Dividers offer a solar option which includes an aluminum solar bolt embedded in the Traffic Lane Dividers, with three high intensity amber LEDs and solar cell. The LEDs with a 5000 mcd beam, can be configurated with steady or flashing light, providing safety features that are additional for day and night conditions.



  • Length: 4.2 ft
  • Height: 1.9 in
  • Width: 5.9 in
  • Colors: yellow and black


When choosing it, you receive a reliable, durable and adaptable solution to traffic control, ensuring security in any bustling urban environment.

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