Bike Lane Barriers

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Bike Lane Barriers

The Bike Lane Barriers are an innovative option designed to delimit and channelize traffic effectively, providing convenient solutions in different situations.

Their versatility transforms it into an invaluable tool for pedestrian safety as vehicle traffic management.

Key Features:
  1. Integral Functionality: These dividers are ideal for their implementation in pedestrian, street crossings and areas where is required to reduce vehicle speed effectively.
  2. Usage in Bikeways: Their design is also effective to confine lanes of bikeways, improving security of bicycle users.
  3. Low Maintenance: Each piece of the separators is manufactured in integral color, avoiding need of maintenance and maintaining an original appearance over time.
  4. Undeniable Resistance: These dividers are non-deformable to shocks and impacts, ensuring durability and reliability on their performance.
  5. Adaptability: Their versatility reflects ability to adapt to any pavement type, guaranteeing an installation without complications.
  6. User Protection: Without cutting edges to avoid damage to users, the Bike Lane Barriers prioritize safety on their design.
  7. Efficient Mounting: The male-female assembly system ensures a strong connection among parts, with endings that provide additional protection.
  8. Customizable Length: Their modular assembly allows to adjust the length according to the specific needs, providing flexibility on their applications.
  9. Simplified Installation: Equipped with two holes per piece to anchor to floor, their installation is quick and easy, optimizing the available resources.

Solar Lighting (Optional): 

The Bike Lane Barriers offer an additional option of solar lighting through an efficient system:

Solar System:

  • Aluminum Road Stud: Designed with resistant materials, the road stud guarantees durability and efficiency.
  • 3 High Intensity LEDs: With a power of 5000 mcd, the LEDs in amber color provide visibility even in low light conditions.
  • Customized Configuration: Light has steady or flashing mode, adapting to different requirements and traffic situations.



  • Length: 7.0 in
  • Height: 1.9 in
  • Width: 5.9 in
  • Colors: yellow and black


The Bike Lane Barriers with solar system are the ideal choice for those who look an integral solution, combining functionality, adaptability and advanced lighting options.

Increase road safety to a new level with this innovative traffic control solution.

Be part of a safer and organized road with the Lane Separator Solar or with other products of Multiseñ


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