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Safety Clothing

Safety Clothing is specifically designed to protect workers and users in labor environments or situations where they are exposed to potential dangers or hazards. These pieces are elements as reflective vests, safety helmets, gloves, safety goggles, safety boots, fireproof suits and others.

What is Safety Clothing?

Safety Clothing pieces are designed to protect workers from labor risks. Safety Clothing includes apparel for personal protection as safety helmet, safety goggles, gloves, safety boots, reflective vests, jackets or even raincoats.

Contribute significantly to protect and see people in environments with vehicular traffic.

The Safety Clothing we have consists in vests, jackets and raincoats with reflective and waterproof material. This can be crucial for personal safety in different climate conditions and labor environments.

Yes, it is. Our Safety Clothing has specific materials for every piece, as waterproofing, breathability, thermal insulation and visibility in adverse conditions. The purpose of this is guarantee work can be performed safely in any climate condition.

  • Protection against injuries: Safety Clothing can help to prevent severe injuries as fractures, cuts and burns.
  • Cost Reduction: Occupational injuries can be expensive for companies, in both medical and productivity costs. Safety Clothing help to reduce labor costs related with injuries.  

Yes, it is mandatory according to the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 where is mentioned that employers must provide the necessary clothing and equipment to employees.

All workers must wear adequate Safety Clothing for the specific risks they are exposed in their workplace ad employers are responsible to provide workers the correct Safety Clothing.

When choosing safety clothing is important to consider the following factors:

  • Specific risks the worker is exposed at, these are important to consider the most adequate piece.
  • Size, shape and comfort of the clothing.
  • Law standards and requirements to comply.

Safety Clothing is manufactured with resistant and specific materials, which need special maintenance to guarantee effectiveness and durability, as regular cleaning, damage revision, adequate maintenance and follow up manufacturer’s instructions.

Of course, in Multiseñal.com we have Safety Clothing with great and innovative quality that comply with standards.  

We have pieces manufactured with high quality PVC, resistant polyester/cotton, fiss fiber liner, nylon, polyester mesh, and others.