Orange Safety Vests

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Orange Safety Vests

  • Orange Safety Vests are designed to offer maximum protection to workers in roads, the vests guarantee exceptional visibility, providing safety at long distances.
  • Vests also incorporate reflective material that covers the back, ensuring effective signage even in low light conditions and preventing unexpected accidents.

Key Features:

High Visibility:

Reflective bands are incorporated in these vests to ensure exceptional visibility at long distances. These vests also comply with the 107-1999 High Visibility Safety Apparel Standard and EN 471 European Standard for High Visibility Clothing.

Durable Material:

Manufactured in 100% polyester, guaranteeing durability and resistance to wear an tear.

Comfort and Adjustment:

Ergonomic design that allows mobility without restrictions.

Front zipper for easy adjustment and comfort during their usage.

Recommended Usages:

Ideal for workers in road or construction works and low visibility environments.

Suitable for situations where is required an effective signage presence.

Additional Benefits:

Offering an additional safety layer to protect workers in hazardous environments.

Providing a regulatory compliance and calm to users.



Color: Orange

In summary, Orange Safety Vests are the ideal choice for those who look the perfect combination of visibility, durability and regulatory compliance in road and construction work environments. Complement the Orange Safety Vests with the Reflective Workwear, the perfect match to be visible at long distances and places with low light conditions.

Ensure safety of workers providing an effective signage and comply with the international quality standards.


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