Traffic Robot Solar

Nombre: Banderero-165

Código: BAN-165

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traffic robot solar

Traffic Robot Solar

The Traffic Robot Solar is a rigid mannequin carefully uniformed that standouts for its innovative design and functionality to transform it into the unique option for different applications.

Its presence is highly visible thanks to its optimal height and reflectivity, guaranteeing visibility at long distances.


Key Features:

  • Robust and Vibrant Body: The mannequin’s body is manufactured by high resistance roto-molding, presenting a conspicuous color in yellow or orange, ensuring durability and visibility in any environment.
  • Improved Stability: Equipped with a turtle type base and ballast, the Traffic Robot Solar can be balanced even in windy conditions, avoiding a possible fall that may affect its performance.
  • Dynamism with Traffic Flag: The left arm of the Traffic Robot Solar has a Traffic Flag with sport mesh in fluorescent orange and silver trimming, enhanced by yellow prismatic reflective sheeting in both sides. It also has a motor to activate the movement ensuring an appealing visual game.
  • Lighting Options: For a more impressive appearance, the Traffic Robot Solar offer the option to incorporate 2 LEDs that simulate eyes. A direct lighting system of 110V, with ultra bright flashing LEDs in amber or white, providing an appealing and safe effect.


Advanced Lighting System:

  • Versatile Energy: With an efficient electric system, the Traffic Robot Solar can operate through a 12V/45A battery or a solar lighting system with solar cell and JVM circuit, allowing 72 hours of continuous functioning.
  • Easy to Control: The ON/OFF switch provide an easy control of lighting, enabling to adapt the presence of the Traffic Robot Solar to different conditions and needs.


Innovation for New Scenarios:

The Traffic Robot Solar redefines the visual presence with a modern design and functional features.

Ideal for its implementation on gas stations, school and work zones, pedestrian crossings, et al; this mannequin not only catch attention but plays an important role in signaling and safety in different environments.


  • Length: 28.1 in
  • Width: 3.9 in
  • Mannequin Height: 5.4 ft
  • Total Height: 6.2 ft

Discover a new way to stand out and communicate with our Traffic Robot Solar, a different and effective option for your visibility.

Explore our robots as the Traffic Robot, with excellent quality and great performance.


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