Traffic Robot

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traffic robot

Traffic robot

Discover innovation with the traffic robot, a revolutionary solar-powered system that ensures visibility and alertness in various situations.

This traffic robot features precise movements in its right arm, activating a strategically placed flag for maximum effectiveness.

Highlighted features:

  • Internal battery charger for a continuous power source.
  • Uninterrupted operation for 72 hours, ensuring a constant presence.
  • On-off switch for simple and efficient control.

Attire and visibility:

  • Safety vest made of fluorescent orange with adjustable straps for a professional appearance.
  • Reflective elements on the front and back for optimal visibility even in low-light conditions.
  • Waterproof pants and jacket available in pink, yellow, green, or orange, with additional reflective for easy identification.

Equipment and Design:

  • Solar cell of 100 Watts/12 Volts for efficient and sustainable charging.
  • Complete solar-powered system with lead-acid battery of 12V/45A, electronic motor of 12 Volts and fuse protection.
  • Turtle-type base with ballast, ensuring stability.
  • Removable PVC pole holder from the base for easy transportation.

The traffic robot’s body is manufactured through high-strength rotomolding in gray, that ensures durability and resistance in several weather conditions.

The flag, in a striking orange color with reflective strip, is activated by a motor in the right arm, providing a clear and effective signal.

Discover the new era of road signaling with the traffic robot, a comprehensive solution for gas stations, school areas, construction zones, and intersections, improving safety in every environment.

Ensure roads with exceptional visibility and a touch of innovation with Multiseñal’s range of road products, such as LED stop sign or solar bollard.


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