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Solar Arrow Boards

The Solar Arrow Boards are electronic devices used in traffic signaling to provide directional guidance in real time. These devices are equipped with LED panels or electronic screens that can change dynamically to guide drivers at intersections or situations of variable direction.

What are Solar Arrow Boards?

Solar Arrow Boards are road signaling devices that use warning light to attract driver’s attention; these are an efficient way to improve road safety due help drivers see the signs at long distances. 

Solar Arrow Boards are used for different purposes, including:

  • Road signaling in works
  •  Traffic guidance
  •  Hazard warnings
  • Improve sign visibility at long distances
  • Help to prevent accidents
  • Enhance road safety effectively

In Multiseñal.com we have:

  • LED arrow
  • Magnetic LED arrow sign
  • LED arrow Bar
  • Solar Arrow Board
  • Trailer Mounted Arrow Board

And some others…

The installation of Solar Arrow Boards is an easy process, but it also depends on the type; its power supply may vary but the energy can be supplied by vehicle’s battery, solar panels or AA batteries.

Solar Arrow Boards can last from 5 to 10 years, depending on the product quality and type.  

Solar Arrow Boards use LED lights due their efficiency and durability.

Yes, they can. It is possible that may affect the performance of the solar arrow boards, but our boards have anti-salt and corrosion protection for tropical environments, water resistance, IP65 rating with phosphate conversion coating perfect for humid climate, zinc chromate and catalyzed alkyd based coating and 18-gauge sheet with steel skeleton, all these materials provide all-weather protection.


Our products have a one-year warranty.