Board Arrow

Nombre: Flecha de Orientación

Código: AB-4685


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Board Arrow

The Board Arrow is a road signaling device used to provide information to drivers about the direction to follow.

  • Used to provide directional information to drivers.
  • Manufactured with high visibility tarp, visible to a distance of 656 ft in extreme conditions.
  • Equipped with high luminosity red light LEDs for clear signaling.
  • Control buttons allow to adjust light intensity and flashing type.
  • Water resistant, suitable for adverse climate conditions.
  • Orifices and magnets to affix to metal or concrete surfaces.
  • It works with three AAA batteries (included).
  • ON/OFF switch for prolonged or sporadic use.
  • Vulcanized to prevent water filtration.
  1. Road Works: direction indication for drivers.
  2. Repair Zones: transit guidance in repair areas.
  3. Diversions: traffic diversion signaling.
  4. Landslides in Highways: landslide warning.
  • High visibility to more than 656 ft.
  • Versatility to guide to any direction.
  • Durability to adverse conditions.
  • Ease of installation and effective usage.



  • Length: 32.2 in
  • Width: 17.7 in


The Board Arrow is an efficient tool to prevent drivers on highways, as the flecha multiusos. Both arrows complement perfectly to each other, offering different functions and features.

Affordable investment for road safety.


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