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These Traffic Delineators with reflective or flashing lights are specially used in low-light conditions, such as fog or at night, these help drivers to maintain their correct path and avoid potential dangers.

Can Traffic Delineators improve visibility in adverse climate conditions?

Yes, they can. Traffic Delineators are effective to improve visibility in challenging climate conditions, like rain, fog or snow. These delineators stand out in road delimitations providing an additional guiding to drivers in adverse climate situations.

Yes, they can. Traffic Delineators are perfectly adequate to their implementation in residential areas and congested urban zones. Their versatility and ability to improve visibility significantly contribute to road safety in high density urban environments and residential areas.

A traffic Delineator withstand up to 25,000 reckless collisions of less than 5 tons.

Yes, they can. Traffic Delineators perform a crucial role in this reduction, improving visibility and guiding to drivers, as providing effective signaling in low light conditions.

First, drill the designated area with a ¾” drill bit for concrete to a 6″ depth. After that, insert the plugs on the boreholes and place the Delineator, after that set the 3/8″ x 5.9 in bolts with flat washer. Adjust the 4 bolts using a 9/16″ wrench. Follow all the steps to complete the installation

Yes, they can. These devices can have an inner illumination with a LED set, solar panels and AAA batteries.