Flexible Delineator Post

Nombre: Baliza Brío 105

Código: BBRIO-105


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Flexible Delineator Post

The Flexible Delineator Post is presented as a reboundable post made of carefully formulated plastic with the purpose of align, delimit or direct restricted areas to both, drivers and/or pedestrians.

Its versatility and resistance create an optimal option for different road applications.

Key Features: 

  1. Impact Resistance: This delineator is highly resistant to vehicular impacts, guaranteeing an exceptional durability.
  2. Automatic Recovery: After an impact, delineator recovers original shape and vertical position without deformations and withstands over 5,000 impacts.
  3. High Resistance Material: Manufactured in plastic of high resistance to run-overs to avoid damage of involved vehicles.
  4. Color Variety: Available in bright colors such as yellow, white, green or blue that provide great visibility in any environment.
  5. Reflective Elements: It has 2 prismatic reflective rings to improve visibility during night, increasing road safety.


Easy to Use: 

  • Easy to Install: A quick and safe installation that allows an efficient implementation in several areas.
  • Safe anchoring: It is fastened to the floor though 4 bolts, 4 flat washers of  3/8″ and 4 extra-large bolts (not included), that provide more stability and safety.


Lighting Option:

  • High Power LED: Option to include a 12,000 MCD LED with low current of 5 mA and 6 mW for additional visibility.
  • Intelligent Solar System: Integrates a solar powered intelligent system for an efficient and sustainable lighting.
  • Variety of light colors: Available in amber, red, green, blue or white, option to customize according to specific needs.


  • Height: 41.1 in
  • Base: ø7.0 in
  • Superior: ø 2.3 in
  • Colors: Yellow, white, green or blue.

The Flexible Delineator Post is the ideal solution to sign and protect, avoiding prohibited zones and enhancing a road security in several environments.

Its innovative design and functionality create a successful choice for any traffic project, such as the Delineator Road, the perfect complement, explore it.  


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