Delineator Road

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Delineator Road

The signaling device…Delineator Road is highly effective to prevent improper intrusions in restricted or dangerous areas.

A flexible and resistant post to vehicle’s impact, essential to demarcate safe and specific areas with durability and efficacy.

This delineator is manufactured in an innovative material, POLIFLEXY PLUS®, that offer a long-lasting and safe option for various applications.

Key Features:
  • Flexibility and Resistance: 100% flexible, resistant to vehicle’s impact, ensure integrity and durability in adverse weather conditions.
  • Prismatic Reflection: Delineator with integrated prismatic reflective for a durable and effective signaling in bright zones.
  • Design: Its body manufactured in one-piece without additional plugs, minimize detachment risk, that ensures consistent performance over time.
  • Robust Base: Its base, manufactured in new generation plastic, withstands up to 25,000 careless run overs of less than 5 tons, providing reliable protection in several conditions.
  • Safe Anchoring: With an anchoring system to the floor that uses 4 bolts, 4 flat washers and 4 “Extralarge” plugs, this Delineator Post firmly secure its position, ensuring a exceptional stability.
  • Self-Recovery: This Post recovers its vertical position and original shape, guaranteeing a continuous signaling after adverse events.


  • Height: 3.2 ft
  • Diameter of the Body: 4.1 in
  • Diameter of the Base: 7.0 in
  • Color: Black
  • Reflective Color: White


Prevent vehicles from invade dangerous zones, you can offer a safe and comprehensive solution for traffic safety.


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