Traffic Drum

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Traffic Drum

The Traffic Drum or Trafisit 105, is an essential component in road safety, is renowned for its innovative design and versatility.

Manufactured with high-strength materials, this cylindrical device stands out for its ability to efficiently signal and direct traffic in road environments.

Equipped with vibrant colors and strategic reflectors, it ensures optimal visibility during both day and night, contributing to accident prevention.

Its primary function is to alert and guide, making it ideal for roadworks, constructions, commercial squares, and events where organization and safety are top priorities.

Easy to install and durable, the Trafisit safety drum is an essential tool that meets the industry’s highest standards, providing a reliable and effective solution in traffic management.


  • 6 stepped rings for reflective bands
  • Manufactured with medium-density polyethylene with UV protection
  • Ergonomic handle for easy transportation or stacking



  • Upper diameter: 7.87 inches
  • Lower diameter: 16.14 inches
  • Height: 41.54 inches
  • Optional base diameter: 21.65 inches
  • Color: orange with a black base
  • Reflective: white or amber


Immerse yourself in the innovation and reliability of the Trafisit safety drum, your essential ally for road protection.

In your projects, don’t compromise on quality or safety.

Choose the excellence provided by Multiseñal and its high range of products, such as the Orange traffic barrels.

Discover a reliable and outstanding solution for traffic management.


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