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Traffic Delineators

Traffic delineators or delineator posts are ideal to delineate lanes of highways, hallways or for traffic diverters to indicate forks.  

What are Delineator Posts?

Delineator posts are road signaling devices that are used to help drivers to maintain a correct position on highways. These are placed at the border of a driveway and are designed to provide a clear and constant visual guide.

The purpose of these devices is to improve road safety by helping drivers to maintain a correct position on the highway, this can reduce the accident risks, as driveway exits or front collisions.

Delineator Posts should be placed on the next zones:

Curve: to help drivers to maintain a correct position on highways.

Narrowing: to alert drivers to reduce their speed

Work zones: to warn drivers the presence of works on the road.

Pedestrian Crossing: to help drivers to see the pedestrians that cross the highway.

Delineator Posts are made with materials that don’t require a special maintenance, it is required only, to clean the delineator posts from time to time to remove dirt, and regularly check the delineator posts to find any possible damage.

The life-span of these devices depends on the material they are manufactured with and the exposure to the environment conditions they are. In general, Plastic Delineator Posts have a life-span of approximately 5 to 10 years, whilst Metal Delineator Posts can last from 20 to 30 years.

Our delineator Posts standout for their visibility, durability and resistance to adverse climate conditions. We choose top quality materials to guarantee a long-term performance.

The easy installation of these products consists in… Find the place and affix the posts with three drill bits for screws and pins. The Delineator Posts can be affixed if desired, or can be constantly moved to other places.

Yes, they are. Thanks to the top quality of their materials as the reflective sheeting of our delineator posts, these are resistant to inclemency and extreme environmental conditions.

Yes, they can. Our delineator posts are specifically designed to be used in big infrastructure projects.

The main advantage of these products is the ability to adapt to different needs thanks to our top-quality materials and functions for urban road environments as highway signaling.