Delineator post and base

Nombre: Poste Alineador 

Código: R-1530


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Delineator Post

The Delineator Post and base or Traffic Post emerges as an exceptional solution for marking territories temporarily and efficiently. This element stands as a quiet guard in highways, avenues, routes and parking lots, defining and limiting specific areas.

Highlighted features:

  1. Versatile Demarcation: This multifaceted post allows the creation of temporary circuits and/or circles to guide  cyclist, pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow, with the maximum effectiveness.
  2. Unquestionable Safety: This post is considered a reliable protector of pedestrians. Shock and impact resistant, avoiding accidents and ensuring the integrity of its environment.
  3. Stability and Visibility: Its heavyweight octagonal base, not only ensures stability but is resistant to high winds. Equipped with two high quality reflective rings and a upper reflective, providing maximum visibility at night.
  4. Adaptability: Road post it is an essential ally to lane channelization and demarcation in work areas accidents and events.
  5. Perfect Resistance: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, this post demonstrates an exceptional strength to extreme weather. Its UV resistance provides a long lifespan, and the vibrant color as the reflective rings optimize its visibility.


In conclusion, the delineator post not only accomplishes its essential functioning, but it is an important ally to maintain security and order in different road environments.


  • Height: 5.0 ft
  • Hexagonal Base: 15.3 in
  • Colors: Orange or Black
  • Reflective: White or Amber


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