Plastic chain barrier

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plastic chain barrier

Plastic Chain Barrier

The Plastic Chain Barrier is conformed by delineator posts with a plastic chain, offering an exceptional solution for road signaling and traffic control, as providing a unique versatility for a broad range of uses.

Key Features: 

  1. Versatility: The modular design of this posts allows a customized configuration, adaptable to any area or specific need. The quantity of posts used are flexible for a precise delimitation.
  2. Resistance: Manufactured in environmentally resistant materials against UV-ray, these posts stands out for they durability. The base can be filled, enhancing resistance to shocks and impacts.
  3. Easy to Transport: Thanks to its modular design of pressure-assembled sections, these posts are easy to transport, facilitating its storage and movement.


Functionality: This Plastic Chain Barrier is the perfect election to direct and limit pedestrian lines on several areas, from restaurants and counters to taxi ranks and bus stations.

Its remarkable and attractive colors and presence not only guarantees a great visibility, but signs the risk areas effectively.

Road Signaling Uses:

  1. Work Zones: Delimits construction and repair areas effectively.
  2. Pedestrian Control: Guides and limits the pedestrian flow on crowded places.
  3. Risk Signaling: Stands out hazardous and caution areas.
  4. Space Organization: Ideal for events, establishments and bus stations.

In conclusion, Plastic Chain Barrier not only complies with resistance and durability standards, but adds a versatile and dynamic solution for road signaling and space control.


  • Hexagonal Base: 13.3 in. per side.
  • Height: 3.3 ft.
  • Diameter of the section: 1.6 in.
  • Length of the section:  9.4 in.
  • Colors: White and red, white and yellow.
  • Black base with ballast

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