Traffic Barrel

Nombre: Traffic Barrel 109

Código: TSL-109



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Traffic Barrel

Experience maximum road safety with the Traffic Barrel, an essential component that ensures optimal protection in road environments.

This distinctive orange traffic barrel stands out as the supreme choice for effective signaling in construction sites and roads.

With an innovative design and strategically placed reflectors, this safety traffic cone ensures exceptional visibility both day and night.

This product not only meets but surpasses standards, providing a comprehensive solution for traffic management.

As for the price of the traffic barrel, you will be surprised by the affordability we offer for this level of quality and safety.

Our commitment is to provide a reliable and durable barrier that stands out in any road project.

The traffic barrel becomes the ideal ally, not only for its striking orange color but also for its ability to withstand adverse conditions.

Trust in a product designed to excel in safety, visibility, and durability.

Discover the standard in safety Traffic Cones and take your road project to the next level.



  • Effective Protection: Stands out for their utility in safeguarding construction areas on roads.
  • Superior Quality: Manufactured to the highest standards, ensuring durability in weather conditions and UV rays.
  • Easy Maintenance: Easy to clean and highly resistant to liquids and solvents, guaranteeing versatility.
  • Reinforced Stability: Option of detachable counterweight base and handle to prevent falls from wind force.
  • Convenient Handling: Designed with a top handle for easy manipulation and holes for lamp installation.
  • Practical Storage: 100% stackable, offering convenience and efficiency in storage space.

Without base:

  • Top diameter: 17.52 inches
  • Bottom diameter: 19.88 inches
  • Height: 42.24 inches

With base:

  • Top diameter: 17.52 inches.
  • Bottom diameter: 23.03 inches
  • Height: 45 inches


These elements are not only essential for road safety in construction but also stand out for their functionality and practicality, setting a high standard in roadworks management.

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