Solar Speed Humps

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solar speed humps

Solar Speed Humps

The Solar Speed Humps is an innovative solution for traffic management, featured by its efficient and Eco-friendly design.

Equipped with the most advanced solar technology, this device is perfect to create safety and efficient road environments.

Even though it is look-alike to the Speed Bump, the Speed Hump has great changes and it is a perfect component to reduce risks and improve a safe drive.

Its modular structure allows an easy and adaptable installation to several road settings, contributing to create safe areas and reduce speed traffic.

In order to maximize visibility, the Solar Speed Hump integrates middle modules in black and yellow color, impossible not to see them.

It is important to create a safer environment for pedestrians and drivers, this device is perfect for highways and considered a visual reminder for those places with speed limit.

In conclusion, the Solar Speed Humps is a comprehensive solution for traffic management, provides a sustainable and efficient option for road environments where safe and order are key elements.

Measurements of each module:

  • Length: 17.7 in.
  • Width: 11.8 in.
  • Alto: 2.1 in.

End Caps:

  • Length: 11.02 in.
  • Width: 11.8 in.
  • Height: 2.1 in.
  • Colors: yellow and white.
  • Reflector: white or amber.


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