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Traffic Barriers

Traffic Barriers are physical structures designed to separate and limit the access of vehicles to certain highway areas, such as opposite traffic lanes or construction areas. These Traffic Barriers improve road safety, preventing collisions and reducing the risk of highway exits.

What are Traffic Barriers? And what is their function?

Traffic Barriers are elements installed in road projects, avenues or highways, which function is to divide, delimit or separate lanes. Their robust design resists impact and have a safe assembly system.

We have 25 types of Traffic Barriers, such as safety barriers, highway protection barrier, road barriers, traffic barriers, vehicle barriers, crowd protection barriers, et al.

Yes, they can. Traffic Barriers are designed to reduce impact of vehicle collision, these physical barriers help to absorb the impact’s energy and protect specific areas.

Yes, Traffic Barriers are mainly used in building projects to delimit areas, improve safety and protect works as infrastructure. These barriers help to control traffic flow and guarantee aa safer environment.

It is recommended to analyze the place and the project where barriers will be set. After that, select the appropriate barrier type, prepare the zone and preferably make sure the surface is clean before the installation. It is fundamental to carefully follow the manufacturer’s instructions, in both, placement and assembly of male-female barriers. If is necessary, these can be filled with water or sand to guarantee their stability.