Pedestrian Barriers

Nombre: Barrera Tubular

Código: BA-TUB-157


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pedestrian barriers

Pedestrian Barriers

Pedestrian Barriers are manufactured in high molecular weight polyethylene, essential to guarantee pedestrian’s safety in several situations.

All this provides exceptional resistance and durability against collisions ans shocks, as well as remarkable immunity to the atmospheric elements.

Plastic composition of these barriers isn’t the only difference from the iron alternatives, but plastic barriers are also immune to vandalism.

This Pedestrian Barrier stands out by its lightweight body, facilitating easy transport and mobility.

Allows an easy and quick assembly in half time of the time compared with a conventional barrier.

With a Male-Female assembly creating a fast joining, even in sloping areas.

In addition, its modular design offers flexibility in mounting, either in rows or 90° brackets for changes of direction.

Pedestrian Barriers incorporate a rectangular space at the center, custom with the logo of the company or emblem of the city hall.


Standard colors are orange or black, but depends on the project requirements. Allows the option of select the color of the company or official body.

These barriers have great stability, with two reinforced legs, and swivel casters, facilitating transport and storage.

The evenness on wall thickness is translated into better performance in daily use, and is considered a long-term investment thanks to its long-life span, resistance to environmental conditions and temperature changes.

These useful barriers provide safety and guide crowds to indicated places by delimiting, signaling and cordoning off.

Equipped with two swivel casters optimizing its storage or stacking, it also has an easy, quick and safe joining, able to perform with a minimum effort by one person.

In addition, offers a valuable space for publicity, complementing its versatility. Discover the comprehensive solution in plastic road barrier, guaranteeing security and efficiency!


Length: 5.1 ft.

Height: 3.4 ft.

Width: 19.6 in.



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