Jersey Barrier Plastic

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jersey barrier plastic

Jersey Barrier Plastic

The Jersey Barrier Plastic is a traffic safety barrier to provide protection on roads and highways. Some distinctive features are the triangular shape, width base and a narrow upper part that helps to dissipate energy in case of impacts.

In addition, Jersey Barriers function as efficient security to divide opposite lanes of traffic and separate highway areas, such as sidewalks and bike lanes. Its modular and resistant design make of these barriers the popular option for traffic management and highway safety, providing an efficient and durable solution to prevent traffic accidents during road constructions.

Multiseñal has a lot of great options, such as the Security Barriers or the Plastic Barrier, ideal to use on constructions and traffic works.


  • Rust-free material.
  • The design allows a perfect packaging to save transportation costs.
  • The Male-Female assembly system facilitates a quick and safe installation.
  • High resistance to environment, UV-ray and extreme temperature changes.
  • Effective device to separate lanes, detours and road works.
  • A unique product, this barrier can be manufactured according to the needs or the required filling, this can be water, sand or empty.
  • Smooth surface, without sharp or cutting edges.
  • Compared with the concrete barrier, the Jersey Barrier is made of lightweight plastic, and is easy to move.
  • Allows the use of reflective to optimize visibility on highways.


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