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Bollards are low-height elements inserted on the floor to mark limits in urban areas; besides providing safety, add elegance in streets, parks and public squares.

What are Bollards?

Bollards are road signage elements used to delimit spaces and protect pedestrians and vehicles, or impede the access to restricted zones.

Bollards are used for different purposes, as the following:

  • Delimit spaces: bollards can be used to delimit pedestrian areas, loading and unloading areas, or reserved spaces for emergency vehicles.
  • Protect pedestrians and vehicles: bollards help to protect pedestrians from vehicles or protect vehicles from other vehicles.

  • Impede the access to restricted zones: bollards can be used to impede the access to restricted zones, as work zones or safety areas.

These can be classified according to their materials, shapes, sizes or functions.

Yes, our bollards are equipped with reflective features or LED lighting to improve night visibility.

We provide detailed installation guides to guarantee a correct installation of the bollards.

Most of these products are embedded, with boreholes for a robust support.

The Bollards of Multiseñal are made of with the most resistant and durable material as:

  • Concrete bollard
  • Steel Bollard                                         
  • Carbon Steel
  • Medium Density Polyethylene