Led Bollard Light

Nombre: Bolardo Grecia Lux

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LED Bollard Light

In the fascinating world of traffic safety, we present the LED Bollard Light, an innovation that goes further the principal function as guide to also delimit and delineate roads.

This LED Bollard Light has a top dome with an advanced LED lighting system, which arise as a modern and decorative piece that adds elegance to any environment.

Key Features:

  • Elegant Design: Modern aesthetic and decoration of this LED Bollard Light creates an elegant accessory for any space.
  • Contribution to Safety: Contribute to a safe and high-standard environment, an effective guidance to prevent vehicle invasions in prohibited zones.
  • Resistant and Durable: Manufactured in medium density polyethylene, this bollard is resistant to UV-rays and offer an exceptional durability. Its heavy-duty material withstands an easy and convenient design.
  • Easy to Handle: Base designed to embed in the surface, easy and quick installation.
  • Inner Lighting (Optional): With LED lighting system, choose among white, amber, red, green or blue color, contributing to visibility and aesthetic of the place.

Solar Light System:

This bollard stands out for its efficient solar light with low maintenance.

Its LEDs are capsuled in a crystal dome, offering high efficiency flashing.

In addition, its solar supply by photovoltaic cell and battery bank, ensure a continuous and sustainable functioning.

The LED Bollard Light is presented as the ideal solution to improve safety in spaces like gas stations, school areas and work zones.



  • Body Diameter: 7.0″ (18.0 cms.),
  • Greater Diameter: 11.6″ (29.6 cms.),
  • Height: 3.4 ft (105.1 cms.),
  • Total Height: 4.1 ft (125.1 cms.)
  • Color: Granite, grey, green and black.

Discover the perfect fusion of functionality, aesthetic and technology.

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