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Reflective Vinyl

The reflective vinyl products are used in permanent and temporary traffic signs to increase night and day visibility, exploiting its ability to scatter sunlight and vehicle’s light in multiple directions.

What is Reflective Vinyl?

The reflective vinyl is a film adhered to a surface to reflect the light of vehicles. This is made of a combination of micro-prisms and resin that provide the reflective properties.

Reflective vinyl works reflecting the light of vehicles; when a vehicle passes by an area with reflective vinyl, the light of the head lights is reflected to the driver. This help driver to see the sign at long distances, even in low light conditions.

The reflective vinyl offers a series of advantages that include:

  • Improve visibility of traffic signs, helping to prevent accidents.
  • Resistant to inclemency, so it can last for years.
  • Easy installation.

High intensity grade reflective vinyl, engineer grade reflective vinyl, high intensity prismatic and engineer grade prismatic reflective vinyl, ideal for applications where is required a correct visibility as traffic signs in secondary highways. 

The available colors are:

  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Red
  • White
  • Brown
  • Green
  • Orange

The available presentations of the Reflective Vinyl are roll or sheet.

Reflective Vinyl can be applied with a heat gun or hair drier.

Reflective Vinyl can last for many years with a correct maintenance. It is recommended to clean the Reflective Vinyl with water and soap at least once a year.

If you’re not sure about what reflective vinyl you need, you must communicate with a signage professional. They will assess you about the type of reflective vinyl best adapt to your needs.

Yes, it can. Reflective Vinyl is designed to resist outdoors and adverse climate conditions. This material is formulated to withstand the prolonged sun exposure, rain, wind and temperature variation.