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A-frame Sign

The A-Frame signs are handheld structures with frame or support shape, used to exhibit announcements, promos or information in public areas as sidewalks, store entrances or pedestrian streets.

What are A-Frame Signs?

A-Frame Signs are handheld structures of plastic or metal, used to place advertising posters in outdoors. These are an affordable and effective way to advertise a business, event or product.

A-Frame Signs are recommended to place in…

  • Sidewalks or streets with high pedestrian flow.
  • Public events as fairs, festivals or concerts.
  • Front of your business or local trade.

Yes, discover how our A-Frame Signs resist UV-rays, temperature changes and other adverse conditions.

High density polyethylene is our main material to manufacture these signs.

The versatility of our signs is ideal to place advertising campaigns in different locations.