Welcome to FAQ, you will find the answer of the most common queries our customers have. If you can’t find what you are looking for, please contact us and we will be pleased to help you. 

We manufacture a wide range of road signs and safety products as traffic cones, signs, barricades, barriers, impact attenuators, delineator posts and more…

Yes, we offer a customization of traffic and corporation signs like designs, colors and dimensions, all according with our customers specific needs. 

The delivery of the product may change according to the quantity and product customization, but mostly our products can be sent for immediate delivery.

Yes, most of our products warranty length lasts for 1 year, against manufacturing defects and hidden defects under normal conditions of use.

We accept cash, credit card and wire transfer. 

Yes, our staff is highly qualified to install bike-ways in Mexico City and Metropolitan Area. For more quotation details, call your executive. 

Yes, most of our products can be adapted to comply with NOM-086-SCT and are operated by Manual of Road Signs and Devices for Traffic Control on Streets and Highways.

Yes, we have a 35 years experience in large-scale road signs project management. For more details about your project Contact Us.

You can request a quotation via website, email address or phone number.  Provide us broader information about your project and we will contact you. 

Most of our products are manufactured using recycled plastic. This action allows a high quality product offer, contribute to plastic waste reduction and improve green practices.

We are proud of being part of the solution for a better and sustainable future.

We are glad to collaborate with our distributors. Contact our staff for more information about how to join our distribution program. 

For bikeways we offer flexible and non-flexible delineator posts, confibicis and bollards, ideal to indicate and delinate bikeways.  

In addition to road signs, our street furniture includes bollards, urban benches and other elements that improve the safety and aesthetic of urban areas.

Yes, we offer special discounts to our distributors. Details may change, but contact us through our form.

Yes, we offer shipments to Mexico City and Metropolitan Area for purchases over 290 USD withous taxes and fees. For longer distances, consult your executive. 

Yes, our products are available through Mercado Libre for our customer’s convenience.