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Bike Lanes

The products for Bike Lanes are elements and devices specifically designed to channelize, separate or delimit bikeways. These products include: road markings, specific signaling, bike parking, traffic delineators and others.

What are the Bike Lanes?

Bike Lanes are exclusive tracks for cyclists, designed to increase sustainable and safe mobility in urban environments.

Some benefits are:

  • Reduce air and noise pollution
  • Increase sustainability
  • Improve road safety and develop social interaction
  • Create more pleasant public spaces
  • Optimize cardiovascular health and reduce risk of diseases
  • Decrease journey time
  • Increase accessibility

Yes, Bike Lanes are designed with security measures, as physical separators (like lane separators, planters, and others) and signage to protect cyclists.

Yes, a lot of Bike Lanes are equipped with appropriate lighting and reflective markings to guarantee security at night.

Bike Lanes are exclusive lanes for bikes in streets or avenues that are separated through constructions from other lanes where cars transit.  

The cyclist infrastructure, including bike ways and lanes, must be implemented along with a low-speed track, in other words, at the right; to decrease the risks when cyclists incorporate to a road, particularly at intersections.

In Multiseñal we use polyethylene resistant to UV-rays.

The implementation of clear signage, road education and security measures contribute to the prevention of accidents in Bike Lanes.