Biking Safely

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Biking Safely

Discover the Biking Safely, an innovative solution to redefine traffic safety in a passive and efficient way. This device is designed to direct and channelize vehicle, cyclist of pedestrian traffic, stands out for its versatility and ability to optimize flow in different situations.

Key Features:

  • Modular and Flexible: Each module has a length of 15.7”/19.6”, adapting to different lengths and customized configuration according to the needs. The modular base and the 100% flexible delineator post provide an improved night visibility thanks to its 2 reflective rings.
  • Exceptional Resistance: Resistant to impacts and roll pressure, this lane separator offers a durable protection. The lightweight design facilitates its transport, ideal for situations where mobility is key.
  • Conspicuous Colors: The Delineator Post of poliflexy is available in orange, green or yellow, colors that guarantee a high visibility. The 2 reflective bands increase this visibility, standing out at long distances with vehicles’ headlights.
  • Prioritize Safety: With round borders, free of metal parts and manufactured in polyethylene in yellow, or green and black, the Biking Safely prioritize safety. It doesn’t break, neither crack, minimizing the risks of damage to people and vehicles in case of collision.
  • Easy Installation and Maintenance: Easy male-female assembly, with 2 boreholes for a perfect installation through steel or extralarge anchors; in addition, its UV resistance and free of maintenance create a convenient choice.



  • Length: 4.2 ft
  • Height: 1.9 in
  • Width: 5.9 in
  • Colors: Yellow, green or black
  • Reflective Tape: white or amber


Discover how the Biking Safely redefines traffic safety with its innovative design and versatility, offering an effective solution for different traffic and mobility needs. Optimize road spaces safely and efficiently!

We have a great variety of road products that improve transit or cyclist mobility, as the Cycle Lane Defenders.


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