Lane Dividers

Nombre: Canalizador Forte



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canalizador vial forte delimita carriles fabricado con materiales reciclados

Lane Dividers

The Lane Dividers are presented as devices to demarcate special lanes, raising safety in roads with their outstanding features.

Conformed by 5 reflective areas and one optimized height, these Lane Dividers stands out in any way, ensuring a unique visibility.

Key Features:

1. Highly Resistant Pyramid Design: The lane separators are distinguished due their pyramid design manufactured in one piece. Their construction in medium density polyethylene guarantees an exceptional performance in resistance, even in extreme climate conditions. Available in integrated yellow or green color, they adapt to any road environment.

2. Integral Protection: UV protection, with resistance to humidity, corrosion and climate changes, the separators ensure long-term durability and functionality. Their unique composition creates resistant devices, maintaining their structural integrity in different environment conditions.

3. Improved Night Visibility: Equipped with two reflectors in red/white at the ends and white on lateral parts, these devices guarantee an exceptional visibility at night. The reflectors capture light of headlights efficiently, enhancing traffic safety in low light conditions.

4. Security for All Users: The high curves and reliefs on their bodies not only avoid damage to tires, but provide an anti-slip surface for bikes, improving security of all road users.

5. Easy and Customized Installation: Easy to install, with two boreholes for fastening with anchors (not included); in addition, offers the option to customize with institution logo on the lateral part, providing an integral solution to specific needs of each traffic project.



  • Length: 16.5 in
  • Total Width: 5.9 in
  • Height: 3.1 in
  • Reflective Sheeting: White


In summary, the Lane Dividers as the Separated Bikeway, not only complies with their function to demarcate and channelize, but raise the traffic safety standards with their robust design, high quality materials and details for an optimal effectiveness. Trust in the excellence of Lane Dividers for a safer and more organized traffic environment.


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