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Road Paint

Road Paint is mainly used for signaling and marking on highways, streets and other traffic spaces. Its purpose consists in providing visual information to drivers and pedestrians to guarantee safety and efficiency on the road.

What’s Road Paint?

Road Paint or Marking Paint is a type of painting used to mark highways and other traffic surfaces. This is designed for a lasting and resistant marking to adhere to different surfaces.

Road Paint or Marking paint it is used to:

  • Mark traffic lanes
  • Sign speed limits and traffic signs
  • Indicate obstacles
  • Improve visibility

Road Paint or Marking Paint is applied in traffic lines, parking lots, urban roads, center barriers and ditches.

Multiseñal offers two types of Road Paint or Marking Paint, these are water-based and oil-based.

In order to have an optimal application of the Road Paint, you must apply the Road paint on a clean and rough surface for an easy adherence.

Usually Marking Paint takes approximately from 60 to 90 minutes.

The main difference between those paints is the solvent-type used. Road Paint or Marking Paint water-based uses water as a solvent, whilst oil based uses a petroleum-based solvent.

Reflective Road Paint helps drivers to see road markings and other objects of the highway in low light conditions. It also helps a Road Paint in bold color for a better night visibility.

We also have the option to include glass micro-sphere to increase reflection, improving visibility at night or in adverse climate conditions.