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Traffic Barricades

Traffic Barricades are temporary physical structures used to obstruct or restrict the access to dangerous areas or work zones in highways, constructions or special events. These barriers alert people about hazards and impede the access to potentially hazardous areas.

What are Traffic Barricades?

Traffic Barricades are devices used to control the traffic flow and protect people from hazards or dangers. These are used in various environments and spaces, including highways, work zones, sport events and public places.

Traffic Barricades are used to delimit areas, alert pedestrians and guarantee safety in traffic and work zones.

Traffic Barricades are crucial to alert drivers and pedestrians, preventing accidents and ensuring a safe environment during road works.

Yes, they can! Traffic Barricades can be customized to satisfy different specific needs. For example, these can be painted or have logos and messages; as add accessories to barricades such as lights, reflectors or traffic signs.

Traffic Barricades are made of high-density polyethylene, a durable material and resistant to inclemency; they can also include other materials as reflectors, traffic signs or safety accessories.

Barricade Tape is a plastic tape used to delimit areas and indicate hazards. This tape is made of a durable material and is resistant to inclemency; its colors are conspicuous, such as yellow and red to attract people’s attention. The Barricade Tape have different applications, such as:

  • Traffic Control
  • Safety Signaling
  • Property Protection

The Safety Fence performs a fundamental role in accident and injury prevention in constructions, providing a physical barrier or fence that protects workers and people that is close to the work.

Traffic Barricades must be installed in a visible and effective way, means placing around a dangerous or hazardous area and make sure these are secured to the floor, in addition you can use other signaling as reflective bands or flashing lights to increase visibility.