Orange Safety Fence

Nombre: Malla de Construcción ligera 

Código: CP-NA



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Orange Safety Fence

The Orange Safety Fence is presented as an essential tool in workers protection matters, mainly focused in road works and construction.

This product is highly beneficial, and significantly contributing to cost reduction related to maintenance and occupational accidents.

Its utility is fundamentally extended to building projects or civil engineering.

Distinguished for its sun and high temperature resistance, Orange Safety Fence is a reliable ally in diverse climate conditions.

Its flexible and durable structure incorporate an additional level of protection and privacy in work environments.

In addition to its main function, this versatile Orange Safety Fence is efficiently used to surround or divide areas according to the project necessities.

Ideal to cordon off permanent work zones, it also demonstrates its usage in vehicle’s traffic management and traffic flow.

Key advantages of the Orange Safety Fence: 

  • Contributes to reduce maintenance costs and occupational accidents.
  • Essential element in building projects and civil engineering.
  • Resistant to sun and high temperatures.
  • Provides protection and privacy through its mesh design.
  • Versatile to fence and divide areas, as cordon off permanent work zones.
  • Useful in vehicle’s traffic management and pedestrian flow.



  • Roll of: 100.0 ft.
  • Height: 3.9 ft.
  • Roll’s weight: 19.8 lb


  • Length: 3.1 in
  • Width: 1.7 in
  • Color: Orange


In conclusion, the Orange Safety Fence stands as a comprehensive solution that not only optimize in job security, but provides versatility and efficiency executing constructive projects.

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