Type 2 Barricades

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Type 2 Barricades

The Type 2 Barricades are essential devices in traffic safety and management.

These are composed by one or two barricades affixed to two A Frame supports; these products stand out for their innovative features and versatility.


Key Features:

  1. Effective Protection: Designed as preventive barricades, the Type 2 Barricades are highly efficient to stop cars and mark diversions in different situations, these can be placed in highways or construction projects.
  2. Resistance and Durability: Their robust structure offer exceptional resistance to vehicle impacts and shocks. Their durability make of these barricades the reliable option for challenging environments.
  3. Superior Handling: Thanks to their lightweight design, these modular barriers are easy to handle, replacing heavier metal versions in several uses. Their modularity facilitates transport and implementation.
  4. Modular Design and Ease of Transport: The Type 2 Barricades stands out for their modular design, that not only facilitates their transport but allows an adaptable configuration to different needs and environments.
  5. UV Protection: In order to reduce friction over time, the Type 2 Barricades have UV protection, extending their life span and ensuring an optimal performance even in adverse climate conditions.
  6. Integral Security: With round edges and without sharp borders, these products are presented as a safe option in case of impact, prioritizing integrity and avoiding possible damages.



  • Height: 3.2 ft
  • Width: 28.3 in
  • Length: 6.5 ft
  • Body: Yellow or white
  • Barrier: White


The Type 2 Barricades are the ideal choice for those looking for an efficient, safe and versatile solution for traffic control and safety in diverse situations.

The combination of resistance, maneuverability and durability transform them into a leading option in market.

Ensure protection and order with the Type 2 Barricades.

We invite you to explore more of our excellent road products, such as the A Frame Barricade, it has an excellent performance.
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