Type 2 Barricade

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Type 2 Barricade

The Type 2 Barricade has a double barricade system composed by two cones, offering an exceptional solution for prevention in diversions, highways and construction works, this can be used in or out of the town.

With an outstanding resistance to impacts and different shocks, this barricade provides a reliable protection.


Key Features:

  1. Double Barricade Design: The Type 2 Barricade has two plastic barricades affixed to two cones, providing an efficient protection in traffic or construction situations.
  2. Easy Handling: Its design facilitates the road operations, offering a simple and convenient alternative to replace metal barricades.
  3. Easy to Transport: Thanks to the easy demounting of its elements, the transport of the Type 2 Barricade is simplified, optimizing logistic in road works.
  4. Climate Resistance and UV protection: Its durability is reinforced by a high resistance to weather inclemency and UV protection, ensuring an optimal performance in environmental conditions.


Additional Advantages:

  • Driver’s Safety: All the barricade components lacks of cutting edges, guaranteeing driver’s safety if collision.
  • Harmless: Manufactured with harmless materials, the Type 2 Barricade is distinguished for its road safety and person’s integrity commitment.
  • Stability to Winds: Cone’s bases have the necessary weight to ensure the barrier’s solidity and stability even in windy conditions.


  • Length: 656 ft
  • Height: 328 ft
  • Hexagonal Base: 7.8 in per side
  • Barricade’s Body: orange


Type 2 Barricade stands as an effective and versatile option to improve work and highway safety, providing an integral response to traffic challenges.

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Today you can discover the effectiveness and reliability of this innovative solution.


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