Yellow Caution Tape

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Yellow Caution Tape

Yellow Caution Tape is manufactured in low density polyethylene, stand out for its robust resistance with a 150 gauge.

Its design makes of this device a reliable option for several applications.

Some key features that make of this tape an intelligent choice are presented below:

1. Reliable Resistance: This Yellow Caution Tape has been made with low density polyethylene, providing a robust resistance. Its strong construction creates an ideal device for various environments, from road works to constructions.

2. Versatile Usage: Its main use consists in mark Danger or Caution zones in road or construction projects. This tape is an effective tool to sign areas where attention is crucial, contributing to workplace safety.

3. Clear Recognition: Available in bold colors, the tape is available in red to indicate “Danger” and yellow to indicate “Caution”. Both colors are impregnated with black ink, ensuring a clear and easy recognition even in low light conditions.

4. Precise Measurements: With a width of 3.14” and a roll’s length of 323 yards, this tape provides an ample and efficient cover. Its precise size facilitates its usage and application in different contexts.



  • Roll: 1000.66 ft
  • Width: 3.1 in


In conclusion, the Yellow Caution Tape is a solid choice for those looking a resistant and versatile solution.

Its ability to stand out caution and danger areas, combined with its durability, creates am essential tool for safety in construction and highway projects.

We invite you to explore more our excellent road products, such as the red danger tape.

Remember that we are manufacturers and distributors of our products, ensuring a total control in quality and availability.


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