Vertical Panel

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Vertical Panel

Experience innovation with our Vertical Panel.

Designed to contribute to a high standard safe environment, this device is essential in work traffic management and areas with obstacles.


Key Features:

  • Versatile Color and Design: The Vertical Panel presents an orange color with texts in black, guaranteeing immediate visibility and recognition.
  • Resistant Material: Manufactured in polyethylene, this device guarantees durability and resistance to adverse climate conditions.
  • Improved Stability: The heavyweight base of the Vertical Panel avoids tipping caused by wind, providing additional stability.
  • Easy Handling: Equipped with top handle that facilitates a quick and convenient handling and mobility, adapting to dynamic needs of any work or road situation.
  • No Maintenance: Its design is perfect due it doesn’t require maintenance; the Vertical Panel offers a convenient and efficient solution.
  • UV Resistance: Its UV resistance ensures its color and functionality over time.
  • Great Durability: With a robust construction, this device is a synonym of durability, guaranteeing a long-term usage.
  • Improved Night Visibility: With an ample reflective zone on its body to ensure an optimal visibility during night, contributing to safety.
  • Ensured Solidity: Its base can be filled with sand, providing solidity and additional stability.


Convenient Applications:

  • Efficient Diversion: Used to divert driver in free work zones or obstacles.
  • Immediate Attention: Its presence attracts driver’s attention in obstacles or forks, contributing to road safety.



  • Base: Length: 21.2 in
  • Width: 14.9 in
  • Height: 10.0 in
  • Panel: Width: 16.9 in
  • Length: 21.2 in
  • Total Height: 4.8 ft
  • Color: orange or black
  • Reflective: white or amber


Find an intelligent solution for an effective traffic control and safe management of road works.

Don’t forget to explore the Vertical Panel, a device with an excellent performance in roads.

Let’s make of road safety a priority with this high-quality device and incomparable functionality!


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