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Street Lights

Street lights are illumination devices designed specifically for their installation in urban public spaces as streets, avenues, parks, squares and sidewalks. Our street lights are created to provide light in urban environments during night, improving visibility, security and esthetics of the city.

What are Street Lights and what are they used for?

Street Lights are lighting devices designed for urban spaces; these devices are used to provide efficient and safe illumination in streets, parks and avenues.

LED Street Lights offer advantages, such as greater energy efficiency, longer life span and low maintenance, contributing to light pollution reduction.

The efficiency is maximized through the use of LED technologies, motion sensors, timers and intelligent management systems that adjust the light intensity according to the requests.

Modern Street Lights, LED specially, can have a life span of 100,000 hours, reducing significantly the need of replacement and frequent maintenance.

A correct illumination contributes to visibility and security of these environments. As the correct installation and design of Street Lights help to prevent accidents and act dissuading the criminal activity.

Yes, they can. A lot of Street Lights offer customization options, as colors, sizes and specific features to adapt to the needs and esthetics of each project.