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Plastic Cones

Plastic Cones are signaling conic devices used in highways for traffic guidance, warn dangers and mark temporary lanes. These items are usually equipped with reflective areas to improve visibility in low-light conditions.

What are Plastic Cones?

Plastic Cones are road signaling devices used to delimit work areas, hazardous areas or direct transit. These are made of reflective materials to be visible in low-light conditions.

There are many applications of Plastic Cones, some of them are:

  • Road work signaling.
  • Delimitation of Hazardous areas, such as closed curves or pedestrian crossings.
  • Guide traffic to special events or emergencies.
  • Sign parking lot areas.

Our Plastic Cones are made with super flexible PVC, high density polyethylene, maintaining their shape, with UV protection and solar cones, these include LED lights for an improved visibility.

The durability of our cones are approximately 2 to 10 years without losing color, or sun-rays deterioration.

Yes, they can. Our Plastic Cones perform a fundamental role in construction and road project, also one of their applications can be temporary diversion.

The color selection of your Plastic Cone is an important decision according to visibility matters. Orange color and yellow are the most commons, both are visible in low-light conditions.

Also depends on the project, in Multiseñal.com we offer a variety of standard colors, such as yellow, orange, green and blue, we can also offer other colors upon request.

Plastic Cones don’t have a special maintenance, these must be store in a dry, cool place; and it is recommended to stack them in vertical position to avoid their damage.

We offer different Plastic Cones like the traffic cones, traffic cones with reflective tape, plastic traffic cones, colored traffic cones, et al; most of them have an integrated heavyweight base to provide stability even in adverse conditions, whether in the middle of the rain or wind gusts.  

Yes, they can. Our Plastic Cones integrate reflective and are specifically designed to guarantee an excellent visibility during night. The presence of reflective material significantly improves road safety making them visible for drivers, and pedestrians in low-light conditions.