Solar Traffic Cone

Nombre: Cono Flex Solar 

Código: CNFI-91 / CNFI-91-BP / CNFI-91S / CNFI-71 / CNFI-71-BP / CNFI-71S

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Solar Traffic Cone

Standing out for its exceptional resistance, the Solar Traffic Cone, with a polyflexy body, far surpasses the PVC standard.

Its durability of up to 10 years, without color loss or solar degradation, makes it the ideal choice.

Recommended for construction areas and road signage, its versatility makes it essential on roads and parking lots.


  • Polyflexy material with UV protection.
  • Colors of collection: orange, yellow, and blue (others available upon request.
  • Optional reflective ring for nighttime visibility.
  • Versions with a heavy base for stability in heavy traffic.
  • Single, flexible body resistant to impacts.
  • Stackable for efficient transport and storage.

Lighting features:

  • Intelligent solar-powered system.
  • Ultra-bright LEDs (40,000 MCD).
  • Low current (18,000 mA, 40,000 mW).
  • Colors: amber, red, green, blue, and white.
  • Special design for flashlamp.
  • Group of 5 LEDs for maximum visibility.


  • CNFI 71S:

Measurements: Base: 14.5 in. per side. Height: 27.9 in.

  • CNFI 91S:

Measurements: Base: 14.5 in. per side. Height: 35.8 in.

Elevate road safety with the solar flex cone, your durable ally.

With its innovative design and high-quality materials, this cone is the ideal choice for signage in construction zones and roads.

Furthermore, by exploring our options, you will discover the solar stop sign and the stop light sign, providing exceptional visibility.

This ensures safer and more efficient environments.

Get ready for a future of reliable and sustainable signaling!


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