Traffic Safety Cones

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Traffic Safety Cones

Key Features: 

  • Semi-Flexible Design: Our Traffic Safety Cones are adaptable to many situations, providing flexibility without compromising resistance.
  •  Hexagonal Base: Increase stability and facilitates its placement and mobility, ensuring its position even in adverse conditions.
  • Resistance to Shocks and Impacts: Built to withstands shocks and maintain its shape, increasing a long-lasting protection.
  • UV-Protection: Manufactured with resistant materials against UV-rays, enhancing a long life span without deformation by sun exposure.
  • Traffic Redirection: Ideal for safely diverting traffic, they are essential in rod projects and emergency situations.


Common Applications:

  • Temporary Markers: Place them in roads or paths to temporarily redirect traffic safely.
  • Lane Control: Useful in projects of road building or accidents, efficiently facilitating the lane separation or fusion.
  • Filling Base: Its base can be filled with sand, guaranteeing its resistance to tipping and stability in any environment.
  • Wind Resistant: Withstand winds of 43.4 in, ensuring an optimal performance even in challenging climate conditions.
  • Versatility: Perfect to use in indoors and outdoors, complying with the standards for night works and can be stackable for a convenient storage.

Additional Security:

  • Optional Reflective: Available with or without reflective bands, increasing visibility and alerting drivers in low-light conditions.


Quality Commitment: 

Whether road works, traffic control or emergencies answers, our cones offer stability and resistance, providing the necessary trust to perform your duties without worries.


Easy Maintenance:

In addition to its perfect functionality,the cones also are easy to clean, facilitating its maintenance and extending its lifespan.



  •  Hexagonal Base: 18.0 cm. per side
  • Height: 75.0 cm
  • Width: 31.0 cm. (base)
  • Color: Transit Orange with base in black


Don’t skimp on safety. Select the precaution cones that comply with the strictest standards.

Trust in our experience and our products excellence, such as the Traffic Cones. Your safety is our top priority.


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